Ersti Introduction SS22

Important: We have sent out two emails via the university distribution list. In the meantime, we have noticed that there are a lot of students who are not yet finally enrolled and therefore do not receive them. That’s why you can read the emails again HERE 

Some Important Dates for Starting Your Studies:

Please note: The programme of the orientation days will be held in German only.

Orientation days and introductory events of Faculty VII. The full programme is listed below.

Start of the lecture period of the summer semester 22


Orientation Days Programme


Contact Point


Due to this year’s circumstances, we are unfortunately unable to offer you a proper mentoring programme and getting to know each other activities will also be difficult for the time being. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to some networking opportunities.


Follow our Telegram channel for current information about the faculty, upcoming parties on campus and information about our activities:

Here you can find chat groups for your respective course of study in summer semester 20/21 as a QR code (above) and the same link to click (below):



We hope to answer all your questions with the information on this page and the livestreams, but if anything remains unclear, you can get advice via the following channels.

GKWI - Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen

You will always get binding information from the faculty, in your case “the joint commission for industrial engineering” (GKWI). This is also where you will find the student advisory service for your WiIng degree programme. You can find telephone numbers and e-mail addresses on the website.

Webseite ISIS-Kurs Facebook

If you would rather get quick information and tips from students without obligation, then you can simply contact us. We now send out important information on our Telegram channel We can be reached by mail, by phone (030 – 314 78987) and through the following channels:

Telegram: +49 151 26381986 Whatsapp: +49 151 26381986 Instagram Facebook

You will always receive binding information from the faculty. This is also where you will find the student advisory service for your degree programme. You can find telephone numbers and e-mail addresses on the website.

Mail Webseite & Link zu ISIS-Kursen

The university’s contact point for all types of counselling and referral services, e.g. counselling for students with children:

Allgemeine Studierendenberatung

Students’ inter-course contact point for advice:

Allgemeiner Studierenden Ausschuss (AStA)



Infos Infos Infos


Are you sure you’ve googled correctly?


This may be due to the fact that the selected module is not offered every semester but only in a certain rotation – i.e. either only in the summer or winter semester. In order to be able to take this module, you must therefore wait a semester, as is the case, for example, with Introduction to Computer Science. Information on the rotation in which a module is offered can be found in the module description on Moses (Bachelor, Master).


It can be said at the outset that not all practices are registered via Moses, nor do all practices require registration. Modules from the integration area and those with laboratory practicals are often registered on Moses. If the module to be taken is not displayed on Moses, it is also very likely that no registration is required for it. Information on the structure of a module and the requirements for participation in tutorials can be obtained from the chair itself and therefore usually via their announcements in the respective ISIS course.

What is the specialisation in WiIng and when do I have to choose it?

General: You do not have to register for the specialisation, so no applications are necessary.

In the course of the degree programme, you should and must decide on a specialisation, depending on which modules you have to take in engineering. This decision does not have to be made in the first semester and can simply be made by taking the corresponding modules. Once you have decided on a specialisation, you should check the module list to see which modules are required for it and then take them. If modules belong to the compulsory modules of several specialisations, your own specialisation is only officially determined from the very first clear module. In Moses, you can enter your own specialisation, which means that only necessary modules that can be taken are displayed in the tutorial selection.

However, an application would still have to be submitted to change a specialisation.

Where and how do I register for modules?

Generally, you never register for modules, but only for exams. This is usually done via Quispos, in rare cases also via the so-called “yellow slip”. However, pay attention to the examination form of the module. In the case of portfolio examinations, registration must take place no later than six weeks after the start of the examination or before the first examination has been taken; in the case of written examinations, registration can usually take place up to one week before the date of the examination.

You can find more information in our Youtube: Link

If you register for an ISIS course, this does not count as registration, is therefore non-binding and does not force you to take part in the module. You can also easily unsubscribe by clicking on the cogwheel symbol at the top left.

How do I know which modules will even take place this semester?

Due to the current situation, some modules will probably not be offered this semester. You can find most of the information on the faculties’ pages. For modules of our Faculty VII, you can look under the following link . In addition, the individual chairs often also write on their homepage which modules are offered and which are not. Another option is to check whether the ISIS course can be found and to look up further information there after enrolling (currently mostly possible without an enrolment key). The course catalogue will be integrated into Moses for the first time this semester and will provide you with information there.


Status: 15.03.2021 all information without guarantee and warranty of completeness