Zoom regulations

 Notice: By participating in our ZOOM events, you automatically agree to the rules below.

In order to make the Zoom event as pleasant as possible for all participants, we, the Fachschaftsteam e.V.,
have laid down some rules of conduct and behaviour for the video and text chat as follows:

  • No discrimination1
  • No prejudice
  • No verbal abuse/insults (even between friends, as your interpersonal relationships are not immediately obvious to everyone)
  • No glorification of violence
  • No video/sound recordings (if you want to post something in your story, clearly ask permission from all people who are to be seen and remove the media on demand if someone withdraws permission afterwards)
  • Respect

In the case of violations of the above rules or gross misconduct in general, we reserve the right to exclude the person(s) from the current event, as well as all further events, with immediate effect. This also includes consultation hours and exam service.

We look forward to seeing you, especially in these difficult times and the extraordinary semester!

Kind regards,
your Fachschaftsteam!


1 racist, antisemitic/islamophobic/etc., sexist, homophobic/transphobic behaviour and/or abnegation.