We want to make studying at the TU Berlin more studyable and interesting in the long term.


For us, representing students’ interests means not only demanding their rights, but also actively contributing to the positive development of studies at the TU Berlin. To this end, we not only sit on committees and make university policy, but also directly confront professors and university management. Essential for our work is the input of students, who can always turn to us with problems and wishes. That’s why we always offer exchange and organise discussion events such as the Faculty Get-Together. With the help of this input, we can initiate exciting projects and realise improvements. Democratic decision-making and transparency are always important to us.

Our Responsibilities

Our Principles


Professors, academic and other staff and students sit on university policy committees. Most of the time, students only hold a minority of the available votes, although the decisions that are made here have a significant influence on studies. Our representatives meet this challenge with zeal and usually with success.


Communicating decisions and crucial information is very important to us. That is why we see it as our task to pass on all decisions made to the students in order to create the highest possible level of transparency. In addition, we rely on interest and suggestions from the students. This is the only way we can support the committees in making the right decisions for your studies.