We simplify exam and test preparation

At the teaching materials service, we provide you with old exams/memory transcripts, transcripts of oral exams of fellow students and lecture notes on a voluntary basis and offer you the opportunity to get rid of your old books and documents in our teaching materials exchange.

You can view our scripts, old exams and minutes here under the respective heading and then pick them up from our office during our opening hours (it’s best to come with a USB stick!) or have them printed directly from us at cost price (see printing service). Alternatively, you can download old exams directly from our ISIS course “Fachschaftsteam e.V. – Altklausuren”. You can ask for the registration key in our office.

Our exams are updated as far as possible in consultation with the chairs. Not every chair supports the publication of old exams, which is why we cannot offer everything. For this reason, we are always happy if you help us to keep our collection up to date.

Do you have more recent exams or exercise materials? Please send them to us and help other students prepare for their exams. You can reach us at ks@fachschaftsteam.de


Lecture notes

Lecture notes

The scripts we offer are current original documents of the respective chair. Since an extensive range of scripts would exceed our capacities, we only offer the script service for selected courses. You can check whether your course is included in the list below.

Available lecture notes
Exam preparation

Exam preparation

Our range of Bachelor’s and Master’s exams is constantly updated as far as chairs make their exams available to us. Since this type of exam distribution is not supported by all chairs, we are very grateful for your memory protocols in order to keep our offer as up-to-date as possible.

You can also download available old exams from our ISIS course “Fachschaftsteam e.V. – Altklausuren”. You can ask for the registration key in our office.

Available exams

Oral exams

Oral exams

Oral examinations differ from module to module. Therefore, it is worthwhile to read memory protocols and obtain information about the examiners.

The oral protocols that you will find here were written by other students after their exams. They usually list the learning effort and duration, details about the exam situation and the examiner, and usually also the grade.
In order to prepare yourself optimally, you should definitely visit the examiner again before your exam to clear up any final uncertainties.

In order to keep our collection of oral protocols up to date, we hand out the protocols for a deposit of 10€. The deposit will be returned to you as soon as you have created a new transcript of your oral examination using this template and sent to our e-mail address (ks@fachschaftsteam.de).

Available transcripts

How can you help:

For many courses we have only few or no oral exams. We want to change this with a small incentive system:

For a current oral protocol, which does NOT appear in the following list, you will receive a print quota of 50 pages or 2 drinks from our fridge. The protocol should of course correspond to a module of the study programmes WiIng, Economics or Sustainable Management:

  • ABWL2 (Investition und Finanzierung)
  • Analysis 2 für Ingenieure
  • Arbeitsrecht
  • Arbeits- und Technikrecht
  • Controlling
  • Konstruktion
  • Maschinenlehre
  • Organisation und Unternehmensführung
  • Statistik 1
  • Grundzüge der Technischen Chemie
  • Wirtschaftsprivatrecht

Teaching aid exchange

The FT book and material exchange is about buying and selling all kinds of teaching materials that you will need or have used for your studies at the TU Berlin. We try to offer fair prices, but the price is set by the seller. In this project we only act as an intermediary in order to simplify the process of transfer for all parties. Our assortment should cover all modules, primarily those of Faculty 7. This ultimately includes: textbooks, scripts, drawing templates and transcripts from fellow students.

Printing Service

Printing Service

You can also print, copy and scan personal documents or old exams/scripts that we do not have in our stock. Prices for a double-sided sheet:

Price Size/Colour
5 Cent A4 bw
15 Cent A4 colour
20 Cent A3 bw
30 Cent A3 colour

In addition, our printer can assemble your paper collections into handy papers or scripts with staples and you can laminate and bind ring binders with us.